2015: New Me, New Blog

Sky above me, earth below me and peace within me.

I’ve had this blog for a while and have been torn between continuing to blog or not.

Blogging has evolved over the years. In the beginning blogs were like diaries where you could take a peak inside another persons life. They shared everything from their thoughts, fears and achievements to their wardrobe, shopping sprees and what they ate. But once advertisers saw how valuable these sites where something shifted. Blogging became a means to an income – and there is nothing wrong with that!

But has the authenticity gone away?

I had to really think about my blogging journey and wonder how authentic I was being to myself and to my readers. So I had to take a break and decide if I wanted to continue this journey. Blogging take time and sometimes a lot of it. So if I wanted to continue to blog then I needed to blog about what I really love and enjoy.

So that is where is sit with this and I hope that you continue to visit my blog as I make some changes to the format and content.

Thank you for your time.